In Jordan there are successful SMEs companies are going strongly forward, in the contrary there are others who are suffering and can’t make any profits, actually the most important factor that achieve success and growth for any business is to have efficient financial management, build a solid financial base, controlling it accounting cycle and analyzing the financial status on a regular basis.

Make A Difference

Our services are designed in a neoclassical, modern and systemized ways with the latest technology

Team is certified, well-knowledge on the best practices and expertise in different industry sectors.

Our services don’t tie you with long term contracts, only long term good, and satisfied relations.

Your financial data is highly secured and safe.

Our services are applied with free charges of setting-up your Accounting Software.

WeVisors has a distinction in terms of streams variety which provides products and services for the SMEs, startups and individuals for covering different needs and desires in the business. Accounting is a main station for them that integrates with the other primary sections of every business. Our Accounting stream aims to be a one-stop shop for providing its clients with Financial Accounting and Tax Accounting services.

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Financial Accounting services

 Recording, Classifying business transactions, and Preparing and Presenting financial statements.

Tax accounting services

 Tax planning, Preparation of tax returns and Determination of income tax and other taxes, Tax Advisory services.

Everything You Need To Know Before You Get Started

We always offer a wide range of services types which can be customized in order to  match the needs of the client. 

The Accounting and Bookkeeping services are:

  1. Online Bookkeeping
  2. Account Review
  3. In-House Accounting
  4. Personal Income Tax Preparation
  5. Corporate Sales & Income Tax Preparation

Now, You can book your FREE appointment for a Consultation to learn more about the services that we provide it.  We will discuss your needs and offer our recommendations through a certified and qualified Accounting Team.

WeVisors employs a team of financial specialists who are experts in the latest cloud technology and the operations of wide specific-industry type. 

WeVisors serves small and medium-sized businesses of all kinds industries. 

The type of business clients that we work for include (but not limited to): 

  • Professional services – Real estate agents, insurance agents, financial advisors and more
  • Wholesale-Trading 
  • Non- Profit Organizations
  • Retail shops 
  • Manufacturing companies 
  • Restaurant
  • Contracting 
  • Health and wellness
  • E-commerce

Outsourced Accounting, bookkeeping and reviewing services have become a more common solution for small and medium business today in Jordan. Why? Outsourcing helps with the efficiency and effectiveness of your business grow. What services are needed for your business model? How much support is needed throughout the year? 

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you choose Outsourced Accounting services :

  • Proactive Approach : Accounting is a system. Outsourcing this part of your business will give you the advantage of proactivity to spend more time and energy in running your business, focusing on the growth activities and vision of the business itself.
  • Experience:An outsourced accounting service will have several clients in several industries giving them a view of best practices across multiple disciplines. Hence, putting your books in the hands of qualified accounting team can have a drastic impact on the success of your business.
  • Latest Industry Technology: You can access the latest technology and create financial systems that are built to last. Using the services of an accounting team means that you are benefiting from the leading accounting software and best systems to ensure the success of your business. WeVisors provide you with FREE “QuickBooks” online accounting software that helps you  stay up-to-date regarding the financial health of your company. 
  • Save Money: Hiring an outsourced accounting services is often cheaper and more cost effective than hiring in-house accountant to handle the accounting functions. By outsourcing, you don’t have any attributed for overhead costs of hiring any employee not only the full time salary, employment taxes & social security, health insurance, office space and equipment , and more! Hence, outsourcing is an investment . 
  • Reducing Fraud: Fraud is unfortunate result that might happen in many small to medium-sized businesses with one employee. 

With outsourced accounting services, you have multiple pairs of eyes on your financial transaction and reports, which provides increased internal audit and controls.

WeVisors specializes in accounting and bookkeeping services for multi-unit businesses and franchises. We can manage the books for each individual location and give you insight into your business’s overall financial performance.

WeVisors Accounting services have no long-run contractual period. You can cancel our service anytime with just a 30-day cancellation notice.